Bed Bug Detection Dog vs Human Technician Accuracy


It is hard to believe that we can depend on our furry friends to help us with so many things like fires, drugs, seeing eyed dogs and tracking people. More so nowadays, our companions are assisting in uterine, ovary and thyroid cancer detection, low blood sugar and seizure detection as well.

However, what most people are not aware of is that they have proven their amazing noses as the Latest Weapon in the War against Bed Bugs!

We always speak of how important it is to find bed bugs early and for good reasons. Being that canines can detect bed bugs down to a single bug or egg, finding them in early stages or during introduction helps to eliminate them from the environment before an infestation has a chance to grow and spread.

Did you know our bed bug inspection dogs play an important role in pre and post treatments and prevention of major infestations?

  • Human Accuracy 33% 33%
  • Dog Accuracy 98% 98%


A canine’s olfactory acuity is far superior to humans. It is estimated that one/eighth of the dog’s brain is committed to olfaction with over 220 million olfactory cells compared to five-million in humans.

The two-bed bug alarm pheromone ingredients are known as (E)-2-hexenal and (E)-2-octenal which dogs are trained on. That being said, when a canine smells bed bug odors they attribute a picture in their brain to that specific scent and therefore know that it is “live” bed bugs as compared to dead.



Minutes vs. Hours
A trained bed bug professional may detect bed bugs for a living but they must find actual live bed bugs and/or eggs. Evidence of shed skins and/or fecal stains will compel them to search further to find the live bed bugs. This laborious project can take hours of searching and not turn up one sign whereas the dogs sweep through in record speed.

The goal of a detection dog team is to minimize expenses and reduce the inconvenience of finding, controlling and eliminating bed bugs from homes or businesses.

Because these dogs are significantly more accurate than humans are, using our bed bug detection dogs, will target bed bug activity and if using chemicals, will help to reduce the amount of pesticides application during treatments. This also is important in preventing the build-up of pesticides that cause resistance issues as well.
Learn about bed bugs here.



Just like any athlete that trains and works regularly, we maintain a training program to keep their high level of scenting endurance. We spend countless hours every day concentrating our dogs on the scent and numerous hours weekly keeping them in shape.



The proper selection, imprinting, maintenance and training of these incredible canines provide benefits beyond what we humans are capable.

As the career path for these dogs continues to grow, they are being trained to sniff out various odors and compounds in a multitude of industries and venues, and because of their amazing accuracy, very well could become the future of all inspections.



  • Proven and trusted – our canines work for praise, reward, and pleasure.
  • No need to tear an environment apart
  • Can detect and pinpoint sources of bed bugs – (critical for lowering costs)
  • Faster and far more accurate than human inspection
  • Cost effective – a single bed bug detection dog can search many rooms in a single day
  • Follow-up for post treatment to make sure all bed bugs are eliminated
  • Peace of Mind – Research supports that if the dog finds bed bugs, there is a high statistical probability you should investigate further. If the dog does not find bed bugs, you can know with greater certainty that your home, office or school is clear from bed bugs.

MassBedBugBusters has professionally imprinted and experienced bed bug detection dogs and handlers to help anyone who suspects bed bugs.

Don’t allow bed bugs to take up residence with you! Find out as soon as you suspect bedbugs, it will save your home from becoming a breeding ground and lots of money in elimination treatments.

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