Bed bugs are becoming as common as fleas and ants and will be present well into our future. Don’t wait until you get them, start organizing so you’re not left unprepared should you get bed bugs. Below is some of the best bed bug prevention tips.
CAUTION: It is not advisable for homeowners to attempt to treat for bed bug infestations on their own. If you try to control these bugs with over-the-counter products, the bed bugs will likely become dispersed, resulting in a more expensive and difficult treatment later on.


However, the cost of bed bug pest control can cost a pretty penny that many people can’t afford. If affordability presents an issue and you have no choice but to do your own bedbug treatment, please visit our Bed Bugs Do’s and Don’ts page first
You’ll learn what the “best way to kill bed bugs” is, which treatments work and which ones don’t. You’ll learn what NOT TO DO so that you don’t spread them further or hurt your family or environment.


What are the Best Bed Bug Prevention Tips?


Bed bugs are experts at hiding and without a dog bed bug inspection, finding them can present quite a challenge. Heavily cluttered dwellings create a million and one places for bed bugs to hide and can cause complete failure of treatments. If you have piles of boxes, newspapers, magazines or just “stuff”, it’s time you clean it up. This is on of the best bed bug prevention tips because doing this will make it easier to find and treat if you should ever get them.



Change your bed linens regularly and look for signs of bed bugs; check the piping on mattresses and boxsprings for early signs. Vacuum couches, chairs and carpets regularly. Pull your furniture away from the wall periodically for a thorough vacuuming, cleaning and inspection.



Take away as many possible harborages for bed bugs. Harborages are small cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide. (Separations between baseboards, grout, seams of wallpaper, window and door trim, crown molding, door jams)
Clear silicone can be used to fill these areas so bed bugs cannot enter and hide. Consider replacing worn carpeting with tile; and because bed bugs travel along routes created by pipes, cables and electrical conduits, seal any openings where pipes, wires or other utilities come into your home.



Consider modern clean-lined furniture, which is less hospitable to bed bugs. The smoother and harder the furniture, the less likely that a bed bug would find a place to hide.
Take into consideration the ease of decontaminating or disinfecting the item should you get bed bugs. Would the finish stand up to treatments like hot steaming or scrubbing? Can cushions be removed or put through the dryer?



Leave your luggage and belongings outside the room, in your car, place them in the shower, or tub until your bed bug inspection is complete.


After your inspection, still consider not placing your luggage or belongings on the bed or soft chairs and couches. Hang your clothing in the middle of the clothing rack and place luggage on the luggage rack (After inspecting) Keep clothing in a sealed bag before placing in drawers. Avoid placing your shoes under the bed or laying clothing on the bed, couch or chairs.



No matter how careful we are, the possibility of a bed bug “souvenir” latching on to your luggage is always there. To be sure, unpack in your garage or an area outside your dwelling. Remove bagged clothing for proper cleaning and thoroughly vacuum or steam clean your luggage. If you have a duffle bag, place it in a hot dryer for 40-60 minutes.
And remember, if you suspect you’ve picked up bed bugs, we can come out and inspect your items to give you peace of mind before you bring them into your home.



If you find bed bugs at any time, take it serious! Bed bug extermination costs can be high. Always deal with a qualified bed bug exterminator. Qualified companies have intensive training, the tools and experience to deal with the nature of the bed bug. This is not the time to hire a company without bed bug experience, take the cheapest bid or use anyone without proper training and experience.


Ask questions, lots of them!

Choosing a professional bed bug exterminator is an important decision. Not all companies are experienced in bed bug elimination. It is imperative that you search for experienced bed bug pest control professionals who have a track record of success with bed bugs. Don’t just open the yellow pages and call on the largest ad, take time to do your homework first!



Check for bed bugs and signs of them on a regular basis.
Develop a thorough weekly routine of vacuuming, changing bed sheets, and more importantly removing clutter.
Protect your mattress and boxsprings with mattress encasements.
Pay extra attention to where you could “pick up” the hitchhikers.
Take extra precautions when traveling.
If you suspect or find bed bugs, call us in to pinpoint areas where they are hiding!



Do not ignore bed bugs; they don’t go away on their own. Don’t go sleep in another room! Do not move infested bedding, furniture or clothing to other rooms in the home.
Do not donate infested items to charities or thrift stores.
Do not use sprays and bombs; they will spread the problem further.
Do not use pesticides in your home.
Do not replace mattresses or furniture before you eliminate EVERY possible bed bug!
Do not use a hair dryer. This will blow bed bugs all over the place!
Don’t send your infested clothing to a dry cleaner without advising them of infested clothing!

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