Certification:  Your Assurance
For a Year-Round Bed Bug Detection Program!
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The best way to eliminate a problem is prevention, and with bed bugs it means opting for a year-round scent detection strategy.
This designation certifies that a merchant is enrolled in a year-round bed bug detection program by Mass Bed Bug Busters’ highly trained National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association(NESDCA)-accredited canine teams.

Canine inspections are conducted on a regular basis as a means to pro-actively detect infestations of live bed bugs and viable eggs before they fester into a detrimental and costly situation.

For hotels, apartments and dorms, it means to regularly inspect every room;  for retailers, it means to check inventory and fitting rooms as well as all returned items.

Customers can find this designation on merchants’ website as well as on display at merchants’ facilities.

For verification, call our office at 508-713-8267.