MASS BED BUG BUSTERS Safe Bed Protection Plan

You’ve all heard the expression, an “ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure” and with bed bugs, our Year-Round Safe Bed Protection Plan is worth so much more than a pound of cure!

Mass Bed Bug Busters offers a safe and efficient way to acknowledge bed bugs before they have a chance to grow and spread, saving you hundreds on professional treatments for after the fact!

Our lifestyles, homes and environments, provide perfect hideaways for bed bugs. Moreover, since they are not seasonal, and they hitchhike, they can be a hardship at any time of the year.

Our Year-Round, 365-day Safe Bed Protection Plan will find bed bugs before they get a chance to reproduce and create infestations.

With our Safe Bed Protection Plan in place, we can guarantee you will not get to a level of infestation!

We conduct regular canine inspections as a means of proactively detecting any live bed bugs and viable eggs before they fester into a detrimental and costly situation.



Customized to your needs!

⇒ Once a week

⇒ Once a month

⇒ Quarterly

⇒ Between visitors

⇒ Incoming college students

NOTE: Our service is designed to catch bed bugs before an infestation can build. Because of the bed bugs reproduction rate, any inspection not done at least quarterly may result in possible infestations.



For Hotels

No matter how careful you are, a bed bug can be on the foot or luggage of the next guest or visitor that enters your establishment. You just can’t stop it from happening. You can treat a room one day and bed bugs can be introduced the next. Since infestations take time to build, having regular inspections will reveal bed bugs before they have a chance to build into an infestation.

The benefits are – greatly cuts down on liability issues with guests and visitors – saves you money for extended treatments – helps to avoid any spreading of bed bugs.

Apartments and School Dorms

Multi-unit properties and school dorms are “hot spots for bed bugs” because they are such high traffic areas.

Having regular inspections will stay on top of whether bed bugs are carried in on any person or personal item. Finding them early in these situations prevents infestations and bed bugs from moving through wall voids and spreading into other units while significantly cutting down on expensive treatment costs.


Retail Stores

Retail stores today are experiencing single occurrence outbreaks of bed bugs brought in by returned items and are also being found in fitting rooms.

Having regular inspections, to check inventory, fitting rooms and all returned items before a problem can occur will give your customers and you, peace of mind.




No matter what season of the year, bed bugs can find their way into your seasonal rental at any time. You would never want to receive a call from a new guest saying they are being bitten by bed bugs.

Having regular inspections after each guest or before a new guest, assures your new guests a safe and restful night’s sleep!


We live busy life styles and often can’t find enough hours in a day to get the things done that we need to.

Keeping up with kids running in and out, having overnight visitors, dad’s business travel or college students traveling home for holidays, can create even more bed bug challenges for a busy family.

While you’re busy living life, one bed bug can find its way in on any family item causing the beginning of an infestation.

Having MassBedBugBusters Safe Bed Protection Plan quarterly in your home, halts any infestations from ever building. Regular inspections will catch any beginnings of bed bugs so infestations don’t build, saving you major infestation elimination costs!

Sleep Tight and Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!