Bed Bugs…Who’s to Blame?

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Throughout the years there have been many lawsuits around bed bugs in multi-unit properties.


If this latest suit doesn’t wake up owners, I don’t know what will.


Recently, one of Los Angeles apartment complexes, Park La Brea, won a $3.5 million lawsuit over the mental anguish suffered due to infestations of bedbugs in their units.


Situations like this occur because of ignorance on behalf of the management or owner.


Bed bugs are NOT a bug you can ignore!


Because if you do, the ultimate blame in a court of law is the owner.


It’s your property and tenants come and go. It’s you that will be left with the problem anyway you look at it. You must keep your dwellings “Habitable”.


Where did the Bed Bugs Come from in the First Place?


There are so many different ways bed bugs make it into apartments.


And this is why pointing a finger and blaming is just plain reckless.


How does one “prove” where a bed bug parasite came from?


Remember, it only takes one female bed bug.


Who’s to Blame?


Lack of Education: Either people honestly don’t know bed bugs exist, or they are in denial.


Previous tenants:  Had bed bugs, but management never inspected before allowing a new tenant to move in.


Surrounding units: The tenant up or down or across may not be affected by their bites. (Now they’re traveling through the wall voids).


Infested furniture: It’s very common that people think if they move from one bed bug ridden apartment to another, they can get away from bed bugs.


Rental furniture: Several furniture rental companies have been sued for renting out bed bug infested items.


Second Hand stores: Lots of people shop for deals at second hand stores. This is a resource for bed bug riddled and disposed of items that you can fall victim to.

And More!


Moving truck: What if there were bed bugs on the moving truck that made it on the new client’s furniture?


Travels: Many people travel for a living and don’t understand how to avoid bed bugs. Hotels and transportation vehicles often are the source.


Visitors or guests: A visitor or guest that sits on a couch or spends the night could easily bring a hitchhiker.


Work: Not surprisingly, bed bugs are picked up at work and brought home.


Certain vocations: Some people’s vocations are more susceptible to picking up bed bugs i.e. social workers, police, fire, or anyone who works with many people.


Tenant’s children and their friends: Schools across the nation are finding more bed bugs. Spending the night at a friend’s house can be a source.


Maintenance: Maintenance can pick up bed bugs in one apartment and may carry them into another unit.


Family outings: Something as simple as going to a theater to take in a movie or a convention may be the source of bed bugs.


So, as you can see, pointing the finger and trying to blame anyone only backfires.


Here’s What Happens When You Blame Tenants


Who’s to blame?


The biggest mistake property owners make, is pointing fingers and holding tenants responsible.


To begin, out of shame, fear of eviction and embarrassment, a tenant will avoid telling management they have bed bugs.


And while you’re shaming your tenant and attempting to hold them financially responsible, they attempt self-treatments.


Unfortunately, most of these treatments don’t work and spread them in surrounding units causing more of a problem for you.


Going from Bad to Worse


If you’re not working with a highly experienced bed bug professional, you will be chasing bed bugs all over your buildings.


Now, you have a serious problem that will cost you in both treatments and a possible lawsuit.


We’ve have comprehensive solutions to address bed bugs issues upfront and properly so these things don’t happen.


Don’t let it go from bad to worse, give us a call!




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