Malamar and Nicki had a lot of fun doing the bed bug inspection although it was during one of the hottest, most humid day of the year.  No alerts, thank you very much!
My inspection process always starts with a visual inspection.  the reason for doing so is 3-fold:
1.- to make sure that the scope of work is within the terms of the contract.
2.- to ensure that some preparation has been made so my dogs can function properly and are not at risk whatsover during their search.
3.- to make sure that there is not an obvious medium to heavy bed bug infestation where the canine search is to be conducted.  The dogs will be totally confused if they are brought into such an environment and will not alert, as they have been trained for low infestations only.
This was not the case here.  One of the best environments to conduct a K9 bed bug inspection.