Me and Malamar had to get up at 4:30 AM some day this week to do a job here in Worcester.  Would you believe it!  Why can’t I do the job while students are coming in and out of the library?  I love them students.  They are so much like me:  young and stubborn and fun!

My handler had to drag me out of my sleeping quarters – I just couldn’t wake up.  I hid my face under my paws and tried to make believe I was still asleep.  But she figured me out, especially when I open my left eye to see if I had duped her.

My partner Malamar on the other hand, was up and about as if it was the middle of the day.  She was squirmishing with happiness and anticipation of a new bed bug sniffing job.  Oh Pleaaaaase!
We head over to the U’s library at 6:00 AM.  The clock had been set back to normal the night before; we waited and waited for the PCO to appear.  My handler finally called him and would you believe he was still asleep -he  had not adjusted his clock back the night before.  Oh boy!  I could have slept another hour.

Lots of reading areas to sniff out and loads of bookcases too but fortunately, no bed bugs. Aren’t bed bugs still asleep in the dark hours of the early morning?  I’ll have to ask my handler about that.