First time sniffing out for bed bugs in Leicester.  7 units on the 3rd floor.  This was a post-treatment K-9 inspection, meaning we come in 30 days after the last pest control treatment has been applied to confirm that the treatment was successful.

My handler took me first to sniff out 3 bed rooms.  All 3 were clear.  However, she took me back to the first room.  It confused me because I had already cleared it.  But no,  she insisted that I sniff out the bed all over, so I did it to woof her (“please her” in human’s words).  Although, it really wasn’t necessary.  Then suddenly, at the foot of the bed , I smelled those little buggers, so I alerted.  So why didn’t I smell them before?
My handler tricked me and had hidden a vile of bed bugs there after I had cleared the room.  Come to find out, she mentioned to the Pest Control Operator that was present, that she would do this to make sure that I am still in “working” mode and all “gung ho” about my sniffing

I wish she had more faith in me…