During my inspection jobs over the past years, I have had to refuse to allow my beagles to sniff out a room.  Why?  Because it was obvious that the client had used some form of insecticidal powders such
as diatomaceous earth.  If I notice any type of white or grayish dust on the floor or around the bed, I have to decline the inspection.  Here is why:

Diatomaceous earth (DE, for short) is used by professionals to treat cracks and crevices in the walls, the outlets and other holes that are hard to reach with other tretament methods.  These types of products do not break down over time. To quote Lou Sorkin, forensic entomogist for Entsult Associates, :

Insecticidal powders such as diatomaceous earth will be inhaled no matter how long you wait. This type of product does not break down over time. Too many people overuse it because they think or have been told that it’s nontoxic.
Food grade means to be eaten or consumed but not inhaled as a normal introduction into your body. A powder that does not stick or adhere to a  surface can be inhaled by a sniffing dog. Of course you always have to ask your client about any applications prior to your service…

DE should therefore be vacuumed before my bed bug dogs can perform their inspection.  Otherwise it might seriously do damage to their nose.   My prep instructions also specify to use a Hepa filter to vaccum this type of dust and it must be done 24 hours prior to us performing a K9 inspection.

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