It is our experience that an alternative care facility takes easily twice as much time to inspect than a hotel with the same # of rooms.  There are several reasons for this:
1.- Rooms are occupied, so it takes additional time to get people out of their units before an inspection can proceed.(And sometimes it takes forever!)
2.- Rooms are “lived-in” rooms i.e. there is so much more of people’s belongings that needs to be inspected.
3.-  A lot of these units are pet people, i.e. they have pets,  a definite distraction for our dogs.
4.- Food and medicine and cookies – you name it!-  just goes with these environments.  Again, a distraction to our dogs performing.
5.-  Many a bed and couch are not easily accessible from all sides for our dogs to inspect compared to hotel rooms.
6.-  Many unit “owners” put restrictions on our inspection, such as dogs are not allowed on beds or couches for instance.  (And for good reasons, if they have allergic reactions)  We will do our best possible to perform a thorough inspection in those circumstances.  But we will not guarantee!

I am sure there are more differences and would love to hear from you.