We arrived at this 2-decker in Somerville.  Very old house, yet very antique and still in good order.

It turns out that they had been dealing with a bed bug infestation for the past year.  They suspected the previous tenants, who had now vacated the 2nd floor, to have introduced the bed bugs.

Now this young couple was planning to move in but wanted to make sure that the bed bugs were eradicated.  Malamar  sniffed out the first floor.  What a nice and clean apartment it was.  Malamar had so much fun sniffing out every corner, nook and crannies.

Next we inspected the 2nd floor.  Then totally unexpectedly, Malamar alerted to an old box in the middle of the living room that contained a bunch of hoses and parts of a steamer unit.

Come to find out, the tenants had been living in New York City last year where they had been using this old steamer and they had just recently moved it into this apartment to use it before settling in.

It is indeed interesting that many an alert is due to people having moved from New York.  Bed bugs are so elusive and such great hitchhikers.
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