Well then!  The inspection took about 2-3 hours for 11 rooms, not to mention talking to the client and recommending next  course of action.
The client was shocked to hear my verdict as she had had a heat treatment performed on the entire building ~2 months prior to that.  She has expected a low infestation and instead ended up with a high infestation.  I mentioned that she should contact the pest control company first and negotiate to have them re-do the heat treatment.  If they are true professionals, they should have warranteed the treatment as it was indeed a full-blown, whole-building treatment.
Meanwhile, off we go, me and my dogs, back home which was a hour away, mind you.
Needless to say that hour was excrutiatingly long and I won’t  disclose how fast I drove on the highway.
Arrived home, positioned the car in a sunny spot in the driveway, got out of the car, shook off my clothes frantically in the driveway, bolted for the garage door, opened up the basement door, next the laundry room door.  Thank God it was white linoleum, so I could catch the damn buggers if they fell on the floor while I stripped naked and threw all of my clothes in the washmachine.  Next my sneakers – right into the dryer- high heat for an hour.
Ran upstairs and took a shower.  Best shower I ever had!

Alright, next:  grabbed a blanket and off to the car, picked up one dog and carefully wrapped it up, then bolted for the bathtub and showered the dog.  Same with the 2nd dog.

Then left crates and all paraphernalia in the car for a day.  The sun was out and it would easily spike the temperature inside of the car to above 120 degrees and likely kill every living insects including any bed bug hitchhiker.

Close call, but it never hurts to be cautious in this nasty business.  BTW, the steps that I took to prevent bed bugs from coming in my house, they apply to all of you who suspect you picked up bed bugs during your travels.  As for your luggage, leave them in your car as well.  If it is too cold, then bag them in a plastic bag and spray the inside with denatured alcohol.  Make sure to secure the bag shut.  Then leave it for a few days.
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