So, this is the continuation of the story I started 2 days ago about conducting a bed bug dog inspection for a homeless shelter that was, unbeknownst to me, loaded with bed bugs.
It turned out that just about every bedroom was infested with bed bugs.  When we went downstairs to the first floor to inspect the office areas, Nicki ended up sniffing upwards toward the high ceiling as she followed the scent of bed bugs from high above.  Indeed that is most probably what happened as it turned out, the office was just underneath one of the heavily infested bedrooms.
Of course, Nicki couldn’t alert with her paw (her alert sign) at the target source, but her change of behavior – rotating around in a wide circle narrowing down as she lifted her nose toward the ceiling following the source of the scent of the infestation – was undeniably pointing to the truth.
Needless to say, I felt like I was covered with bed bugs.  Of course I wasn’t, but there lingered in my mind that slight possibility that I might have a hitchhiker on me.  Or on my dogs for that matter.  I mean, that lone female bed bug who is sooo trying to get away from her stabbing mates (that is how the male bed bugs inseminate the females) so she could focus on laying eggs – that is the one I am thinking about.  Hope she did not hook onto me.  Well, find out in our next blog what happened!