Back to Worcester right in time before this storm deluged us.  Had a bed bug sniffing job this morning in Lunenberg, MA.  Residential job. Nice people.  I felt so bad for them.  Their home was nice and clean.  What a change that is!

Loved the wide-open living room.  Lots of places to sniff for bed bugs and plenty of room to go around things.  Got hung up a bit on the cats’ toys. Oops!  That was interesting sniffing for bed bugs!  But could’nt linger too long ’cause my handler gets impatient.  Give me a break…

I saw those cats as we proceeded outside toward the camper.  I wanted to play with them but strangely,  they did not care for my presence.  Weird creatures!

The camper was fun!  Hopping on every furniture ’cause it’s so tight. No bed bugs this time.

Cooling down now with this storm – I’m exhausted!