Terrible weather here in New England these days – rainy and cold. Not a pretty spring so far.

However our dogs are busy, busier than last year, same month.  This week we are once again all over New England:  Nassau- CT, Lexington-MA, Easthampton-MA and Ogunquit and Sandord, ME.  Our dogs love traveling and I sure love it too.  Beats having to sit down behind a desk for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week staring at a PC screen.  Been there, done that for over 30 years.

This is who I am now:  I take my lovely dog companions with me and drive to where people are so thankful for my services.  And it may take 2 hours one way, then back 2 hours the opposite way but hey, this is feeling as close as possible to freedom:  free to do business the way people need it and see it.

And I cover the gamut of jobs, from a hotel with over 250+ rooms to residences, some of them large mansions, to apartment complexes where a post heat treatment requires that I inspect all units adjacent to the source unit before the warranty runs out.   Heat treatment seems to be on the rise as I am receiving more and more calls from pest control companies that provide this type of service.

Oh! And on Saturday: routine k9 inspection of a summer camp in Eastern MA.    Wish us a happy and safe inspection week and for the sake of our customers, I hope that our dogs will not alert to live bed bugs and their eggs. (#postheattreatmentk9inspection #heattreatment #bedbuginspection  #bedbugdogs)