Just came back from the inspection in Haverhill.  Both Malamar and Nicki worked real hard, yet did not find any bed bugs.  The condo owners were relieved.  One owner had found a bed bug crawling up her sofa looking for food. It was late in the wee hours of the morning.   She knew that this one bed bug was ready to feed again (every 3-4 days on average). So she stayed up late in the armchair opposite the sofa, a flash-light in her hand and waiting for that ominous moment:  indeed, she saw a bug crawling up from underneath the couch, up the skirt and further toward the seats.  She grabbed a tape and applied it to the bug to catch it.
Sure enough, the pest control company confirmed it was a bed bug. Congrats to this person who persevered in her pursuit to convince that she got bitten by a bed bug in face of experts
denying it.  But truly, Pest control operators cannot arbitrarily apply pesticides.  They need proof and proper identification of the insect so they can apply the correct pesticide.  Also, landlords are not obliged to pay for treatment until hard evidence is presented. What this PCO should have suggested from the get go is to have a k9 inspection conducted, as the dogs are 3 times more effective at sniffing out those elusive bed bugs than a visual  inspection.  This poor woman instead had to endure 3 occurrences of bites in the course of 3 weeks before she could finally prove it.
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