They just don’t work!  You can read more on that on this research done at the Ohio State University. http://www.pctonline.com/pct1012-ineffective-foggers-bed-bugs.aspx

So, this person called me not too long ago and wanted me to bring my beagles to sniff out bed bugs to pinpoint the dresser, chair or bed so she could “bomb” it right then and there.

I had to decline the inspection first of all because that person had been using DIY foggers to deal with the bed bug infestation.  At first they disappeared but then a week later she noticed that they were still not gone and seemed to have scattered and multiplied.

And to add insult to injury, she still hadn’t learned her lesson because she wanted my beagles to sniff out the bed bugs so she could better target her weapon.

This study proves that foggers and bombers only serve to scatter these smart buggers and thus don’t work.

And I certainly was NOT going to expose my very valuable and keenly scent-sensitive beagles to an environment imbibed with pesticides sprayed instantly upon an alert. No Sir!