Bed Bug Sniffing Job


Nicki at work

Here I am with my handler at work.  This unit was the manager’s office and fortunately for her, we did not find any bed bug smells in her office.
We then were tasked to inspect 20 rooms today on 3 floors.  There had been complaints of bed bugs’ bitings in several units and so our job was to sniff out bed bugs in all adjacent rooms as well as rooms directly a floor level up and down from the “suspect” rooms.  So, in other words, if room 204 is infected for instance, then we want to go into rooms: 203 and 202 (adjacent ones) and rooms 104 and 304 (directly above and below) .
Now if we alert in any of those rooms, we start this game all over again.  “left, right, across, up and down.” You can see how this game can never end in extreme situations.
Do you feel my pain?  Woof! Woof!