Chestnut Hill to be precise!  Top notch apartment complex.  Me and Malamar, we love these kinds of environment.  Clean, vacuumed, clutter in some units – but organized-, ahh! we love to sniff out those places.

The old ladies were so nice even though some called us “nice pooch”.  I’m not a pooch!  I’m the Regal Beagle and Malamar is the e-Nergetic Jack-a-be.  If anything, Malamar is the pooch, not me!  I’m pure-blood, I seem to remember.

But we enjoyed the sniffing around.  In one of those units, the mother refused to step out of the apartment with her 3 kids.
News to me!

So, here I am performing my sniffing duties in one of the girls’s bedroom, when suddenly the door opens and the little girl shouts “these are my toys!  Don’t touch them” .

Well, I beg to differ, but occasionally I will un-intentionally touch items with my nose because I am so focused on finding these bed bugs that I cannot, Read-My-Sniffs, stop in my endeavor to localize them.

My handler came to my rescue.  I love her.  And the little girl got comforted with a nice nudge and plenty of attention from me at the conclusion of the inspection.

I love my job…