Nicki and Malamar were tasked with sniffing out this lady’s car in her driveway.  She had helped out her mom with cleaning out her house and moving loads of clothing and such, to be laundered properly as a result of a bed bug infestation.

How did she know her mother had bed bugs?  She slept over and woke up with a bed bug in her ear, so she proclaimed.  She was out of her wits, this poor lady.

So she used her car to bring these bags full of clothing to the laundromat.  Sure enough, after a few days, she started to get bitten in her car.  She had learned that laundry bags should have been sealed properly before moving them.  Unfortunately, she had the bags wide open.

Nicki and Malamar did not alert however.  But this lady was so sure it was bed bugs that she decided to have her car fumigated anyway.

The moral of the story:  Seal your laundry bags properly before moving them to another location such as the laundry room in your house otherwise you risk to disperse these great hitchhikers.