Lovely day yesterday – wasn’t it!
Malamar and  I performed a bed bug inspection in Worcester yesterday; 3-decker and 5 units.
So here are our findings:
– 3rd floor with bed bugs on couch and child’s crib.
– 2nd floor with bed bugs pretty much dispersed in the entire unit, except a couple of rooms.
One room we couldn’t inspect because during my handler’s cursory visual inspection, she found bed bugs in the seam of the mattress.  So we inspected the other rooms to determine the extent of the infestation.  We also smelled the scent of bed bugs in a room on the other end of the building: at the foot of the bed and near a luggage and backpack dropped on the floor.
– 1st floor, back unit:  disgusting with food on the floor, filthy cat litter and junk in all rooms.  Just a nightmare.  It stank!  I’m so thankful that my handlers did not want us to inspect this unit.
Protech pest control, the exterminator, was very happy of our findings because it saves him a lot of time looking for what is like a needle in a haystack in low infestation cases.  Also, it dramatically reduces the treatment costs for clients to these localized areas.
Dealing with what you may think is a bed bug problem right at the onset will save you a lot of money, hassle and down-time, not to mention the psychological repercussions of being bitten by these elusive buggers