One of the hardest environment I had to inspect for bed bugs.
Imagine a call center, where at least 1/2 of the staff is present at any time,  in somewhat tight cubicles, That remark is justified from the point of view of me, the dog handler, having to direct and navigate my bed bug sniffing dogs around without bumping into things.
Not easily feasible!
People answering calls, shuffling paperwork, moving around, consulting with the boss etc.  The dogs performed well given the distraction.  What made a difference is that I decided to swap them in and out of their crate and take turn, so they would stay on scent and perform to their best.
Being a good handler is to be able to assess a situation, solve difficult and unexpected problems and come up with a solution that best addresses a successful K9 inspection for us, the handlers, and our dogs.
BTW, I congratulate the “lady in charge” who has been very cooperative and very accomodating.