A hotel in Worcester, MA called us yesterday.  Apparently, a person that stayed overnight claimed to have found a dead bed bug on her mattress – she had captured the bed bug in a jar and showed it to management.
Nicki, our bed bug dog beagle, sniffed the entire room.

The housekeeping manager was present at all times assisting a technician with moving the mattress, flipping it over so Nicki could sniff the underside as well as the exposed box springs.
No alerts by Nicki.  She was tasked to re-inspect everything again, yet still did not detect the scent of live bed bugs or viable eggs.
Bed bugs are known to be great hitch-hikers and in this world of increased traveling, it does not surprise me to find more and more cases of these elusive bugs in hotels. So, be careful when you stay in a hotel.  Check my earlier blogs for tips on how to minimize risk of having a bed bug hitch-hike back home with you.