Monday night, we gave a K-9 bed bug inspection demonstration in front of the Southern Worcester County Landlord Association.  About 40 people showed up for their monthly meeting.

Both Malamar and Nicki took turns to sniff out the viles of bed bugs that were hidden in some boxes and luggages amidst other items on the floor that contained either nothing or distractors such as ham, cheese, dead bugs and carpet beetles .
We use distractors in our training to ensure that they only alert on bed bugs and only LIVE live bed bugs.

Nicki and Malamar received a volley of applause from the audience.

It was funny to see the audience starting to scratch themselves when Brian White from Protech gave his presentation on bed bugs and how they are spreading in Central Mass.

There was a lot of interest in our dogs amongst this audience and we walked away with many business cards.

Nice job Nicki and Malamar!