preparing for bed bugs properly

It is a shame that more people do not understand or know about bed bugs so that less people would be inflicted with their presence. Pregnant female bed bugs regularly lay eggs and can create exponential growth within as short as six months.

Because some people have no reaction from the bites of a bed bug, they do not know they have them. Before long, the bed bugs are attached to their clothing and personal items. They may visit a neighbor or family member or take them to school or work, a restaurant, a Movie Theater, a library, a community center, a laundry room, in their car or even on an airplane. Bed bugs are so great at hitchhiking they can crawl off anywhere for the next unsuspecting person to take home.

As infestations grow, they begin moving within buildings, crawling through air ducts, electrical outlets, thresholds and wall structures, spreading to surrounding units. At this time, bed bugs are affecting those who live in adjacent units, which can no longer be ignored. It is when this occurs that can render a building un-inhabitable.

Amazing how often this occurs within multi-unit properties and when a tenant complains, the reaction from some property owners normally pales in comparison to the costly elimination process. Just look at the recent court settlement where a judge awarded tenants $2.4 million in damages for bed bug issues in their complex.

If you are a property owner and have tenants, ignorance is no longer acceptable with all the news and media about bed bugs. In addition, the spread of bed bugs is completely avoidable if more people would educate their tenants and have regular inspections.

In a sincere effort to help property owners and their tenants stay on top of bed bug issues throughout MA, RI , CT, NH , Mass Bed Bug Busters has developed and provides a comprehensive but fun way to learn about bed bugs while bringing in their bed bug detection dog for regular inspections of all units.

It starts with educating the owner, property management and maintenance staff so they know how best to address bed bug issues. We teach you some of the most crucial mistakes that many people do when it comes to bed bugs including “expecting tenants to know what signs of bed bugs are, expecting tenants to do-it themselves and most of all which elimination processes to avoid”. Never expect anything with bed bugs other than the fact that they will not go away on their own and must be addressed properly.

Many times, property owners push the responsibility back on the tenants or ignore the problem. This causes more problems in the end because tenants wind up spreading the bed bugs further. The consequences of ignorance can cause more than just financial problems and in severe infestations, mental anguish and health related problems pop up and can lead to law suits. Do not let this happen to you.

Mass Bed Bug Buster follows the IBBRA’s 3 Step process of Educate, Evaluate and Initiate and supplies a simple but easy to understand bed bug educational book for each of the tenants. The book covers what they look like, the life cycle development stages, signs of bed bugs, where to look for them, how you get them, information on how to avoid them and most of all what Not To Do if you should encounter them. We even come in and do an informational “Be Aware Not Scare” seminar for residents if required.

Once all are educated and have everyone on the same page, we do a K9 inspection of all units in order to find out if they have any bed bugs in the complex and if all is clear, we come back in regular intervals throughout the year or at any time needed.

Educating all staff and residents, doing regular inspections and talking about bed bugs is the only way we will ever begin to tackle the bed bug problem the world is facing.

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