I was conducting a K-9 bed bug scan at this woman’s house in Franklin yesterday and we talked about bugs sucking your blood.
Some people are neurotic about the thought of bed bugs sucking their blood and yet don’t think twice about mosquitos or ticks doing so.
I wonder why?  Is it that they hide in your bed and come out at night when you are asleep.  Mosquitoes behave the same way. Have you ever turned the light on, right after you hear that annoying buzz and not be able to find that mosquito.  It turns out they hide too, behind the furniture or the headboard for instance, away from the light adn away from your sight.
And if you have a tick on you, it will hide in areas of your body where it is difficult to see them, such as your back or the joint behind your knee and suck on you for a while before you feel them.
But the difference between these blood sucking critters and bed bugs is that bed bugs do not carry diseases whereas the others do.
Yet, there is something about bed bugs that leads us to behave almost psychotic at the idea of having them.
Go figure!