There is not another pest in the world that plays mayhem on a person’s emotions, physical well-being and pocketbook: bed bugs. They have developed the reputation of being the most insidious and hated of all pests known to man.

They invade your personal space and deprive you of sleep; their bites cause insane itching; they hide in the most obscure places; they travel unknowingly with you everywhere; they grow exponentially in a matter of months and are extremely difficult to eliminate.

Although bed bugs were a part of life for much of recorded history, we enjoyed a time-out for many years due to powerful residual chemicals. Now they have returned and are introduced without permission into our homes to an unusual extent and are quickly taking hold of a good portion of humanity.

The elimination of bed bugs comes with huge challenges for all. Bed bugs have managed to dodge the most powerful of insecticides through building a resistance to them. The overall lack of knowledge of these pests accompanied with this resistance, make it almost impossible to eliminate them unless discovered very early.

The truth is that bed bugs do not discriminate between people of ethnic origins, religions or financial accessibility but they do poise serious uncontrollable threats for financially challenged environments. These environments have a degree of tolerance of the bugs and are known to take action on an “as needed basis” after an infestation has been discovered and are often blamed for contributing to the accelerated growth of bed bugs.

Once an infestation established itself in your home and bed bugs are concealed deep within and behind walls and structures, uneducated efforts for complete elimination often result in constant treatment failures. Spraying baseboards as done with other types of pests does not work because chemical applications must come into contact with the body of the bed bug.  Also,the efficacy of chemicals can be unreliable.

Because of this, many have given up on complete eradication efforts and have resorted to periodically knocking down infestations for temporary relief. In a matter of months, the bed bugs are back and to an unusual extent.

“In the next decade, every household and business will have experienced bed bugs to some degree. Isn’t it about time that you found out why and what steps you can take to prevent it?” (Denise Donovan 2009)

As these pests continue to invade and affect society, the day will come where there will be no finger pointing as to who brought them in or who is responsible. Infestations are moving outside of metropolitan areas and into small rural areas faster than before and with thousands of people traveling daily, they will continue to proliferate at record speed until all of society is feeling the effects of bed bugs.

Can any of this be prevented? Yes, with lots and lots of public education. However, knowing about bed bugs is only one part of a proactive prevention; regular inspections can help in finding bed bugs before they grow into infestations.

MassBedBugBusters delivers proactive prevention methods using bedbug detection dogs as a regular protocol for multi-unit properties and areas where people come and go in busy businesses.

Don’t allow bed bugs to build into “infestation: levels before you address the problem. Have regular inspections and put early-warning system in place to keep you and your employees safe from having to deal with bed bugs!