Bed Bugs Back to School Too!


Bed bugs go back to school too, hidden in children’s clothing and backpacks. Last year, back packs were the number one item that children brought bed bugs home on. Infestations normally don’t build up in schools, however they do become a transfer place.


How They Make it to School


Families are often unaware they picked up bed bugs. They could have been picked up during the summer while on vacations, at camp or sleepovers. Their bites are blamed on mosquitoes from evening outings or fleas.


Sleep Overs


Sleep overs are known for sharing bed bugs and kids love to go to their friends’ houses for a sleepover. Many people still don’t want to talk about bed bugs and while they may have them at home, they also may be combatting them alone. The use of DIY products, along with not understanding their nature; leads to greater amounts of infestations. Before long, you and your family may be taking them to friends and family homes, school, work or any other place you may frequent.


Protection from Bed Bugs 


I suggest to place all items like, pencils, pens, paper, and notebooks, IPad, phones, computers, lunches or anything else that may go into your child’s backpack into individual ziplock bags BEFORE you place them into the backpack. Teach your child to take out only what is needed at the time and remember to zip it shut when they put it back.


Don’t allow your child to bring anything directly into their rooms when returning home from school. Have them change their clothes and remove the contents of their backpack. Place the backpack and clothing directly into the dryer for a good long tumble. If a bug made its way onto their clothing or backpack, it will surely die.


Some of my callers purchased the ZappBug Heater so when the kids enter the front door; the backpack goes immediately into it for an hour before opened in the house. The kids can then go and have a snack while waiting to pull out their homework items.


Teachers Get Bed Bugs Too!


This summer we received several calls from teachers who brought bed bugs home from school. Some were concerned they have them in their cars. My suggestion to them was always bring a change of clothing and shoes to change into when they leave school (bag up clothing and shoes worn in school), this way you will avoid transferring them to your car. Also, place your purse into a ziplock bag and seal it before placing it into your desk drawer. When you get home, run clothing through a hot dryer to kill anything you may have picked up.


Of Great Importance for All


Since they are becoming part of life, we suggest that teachers and schools begin by sending an informational packet home with the children at the beginning of the school year. So many parents don’t know that bed bugs are even an option in schools and need to know. The IBBRA has developed a Fundraiser for schools that serves two purposes. This helps bring well-needed funds into the schools to purchase new computers; sports equipment or whatever else is needed, while creating awareness for the whole community.


Regular Inspections


Bed bugs can be brought in at any time, by anyone and knowing if you have them in the early stages will help remove them from your life easily. But if you wait and infestations build up the elimination process can take so much longer.


Those that travel, have large families or work in vocations that are more susceptible often have inspections for bed bugs. This simple but valuable procedure can help keep from infestations building up while you are busy in your life.


Working together we can accomplish so much more. Reach out to us for more information on regular inspections using our trained dogs. Or do a Fundraiser and help make a difference in your school and community!