Good night, Sleep tight, Don’t let the bed bugs bite! was the topic of the presentation given by Brian White of Pro-tech Extermination Services, Inc.  today.
Brian asked that Nicki and Malamar give a demonstration about sniffing out bed bugs.  We lined up a few items along one wall, including boxes and luggages.
The presentation at the end segued into the topic of K9s being used as a more accurate, faster and more cost-effective tool to do a bed bug inspection.
Nicki was sensational.  She alerted on all items that contained a vile of bed bugs.  Then she sniffed out people’s shoes and chairs around a round table.  She alerted on 1 chair as well.

But dont worry, Brian hid a vile of bed bugs underneath the chair of his friend.

Everyone got a good laugh out of it all and everyone was impressed by Nicki.

Good work! Nicki.