We got a call yesterday evening from someone in Boston.
The moving company had informed this person who was in the process of moving out of his apartment, that they would not move out the bed because it was infested with bed bugs.
We stopped by on our way back to the office to take a look and inspect the bed.  We could not find any evidence of cast skins, blood stains, clusters of black spots or bed bugs or eggs for that matter.  Nicki and Malamar were brought in and did not alert either.
However, we noticed an un-usual amount of small insects, larvaes and cast skins, especially under the bed.  It turns out that these were carpet beetles.  They are noticeably different from bed bugs as depicted in the picture above.  The insect at the bottom of the picture is the larvae.
Here is a link, where you can find out a bit more about this creature and how to prevent an infestation: Info on Carpet Beetles.
Click here, if you are ever questioning the presence of bed bugs and want peace of mind.  Our dogs do a fabulous job at detecting bed bugs and their live eggs.