– Buying secondhand furniture from stores, yard sales, auctions and flea markets.
– Buying reconditioned mattresses – beware the “brand-new” look.
– Renting furniture from rental companies.
– Moving into a new house that is infested.
– Transporting furniture stored temporarily into an infested storage place into a new home.
– Picking up furniture that has been discarded near a dumpster or on the side-walk.
– Transporting furniture in infested moving vans.
– Delivering brand new furniture by moving vans that are also used by hauling back used mattresses and furniture that are infested with bed bugs.
– Buying used books (Bed bugs hiding in books is becoming more and more common too)
So, if you wish to make sure that your new or used furniture is bed bug free, call us at 508-713-8267 or contact us here.  Our certified dogs will be glad to sniff out those little buggers before they become a fixture in your house.