bed bugs in airplanes - Dont travel with bed bugs

Bed bugs continue to be a growing problem worldwide. They are showing up in any place that people frequent, especially during long air travel. The air travel time between Europe to the US is approximately 7 to 10 hours depending upon wind and destination. Because people rest for hours at a time, the possibility of bed bugs coming out from hiding to fill their need for blood is great.

Since 2011, British Airlines has grounded several planes for bed bug fumigation purposes. They hit the news again earlier this year when people woke from their naps with bites. How do bed bugs get inside an airplane? How do you know if you picked up a hitchhiker while traveling to and from your destination? Moreover, how can you avoid this?

We regularly get calls from innocent people that have encountered bed bugs in their home and have no clue how they could have gotten them. After a series of questions, we bring them to realize that they may have picked up a bed bug on their carry-on luggage or personal items while on the plane or one entered their luggage during their stay away from home.

At first, they never suspected bed bugs to be the culprit as an itchy bite here and there is always assumed to be a mosquito, flea, spider bite or change of laundry detergent. After a few candid questions, a simple process of elimination and relentless seeking of an answer, they arrive at that “a-ha” moment of “I must have brought bed bugs home from my trip”.

Most people come back from a trip anxious and tired, walk directly to their bedroom with luggage in hand, and place it on the floor to unpack when they “get around to it”. In many instances, it sits unpacked for days or maybe a week. It is during this time that if a bed bug found its way on their items, like a dinner bell, the smell of CO2 that builds in the room as you sleep, draws it out to feed, then hides in the folds of your bed. Within a short time, the beginning of an infestation takes place and people don’t know why they are experiencing bites.

Then again, there are those who are not affected by the bite of a bedbug and months can go by before they acknowledge any signs whatsoever. As you can see from this, bed bugs can cause a problem for many people without them even knowing what is happening.

MassBedBugBusters works tirelessly with the IBBRA’s Institute for Responsible Bed Bug Control to transform people’s lives by providing them with the tools they need to build on a proven strategy to avoid bed bugs during their travels and everyday life.

Understanding who, what, when, where and whys of bed bugs is the number one step towards avoidance during traveling. We provide our clients with education and a strategy to implement before taking a trip and teach how to pack in a safe manner so bringing home bed bugs is not an option.

If in the event bed bugs are suspected, we can come in and find evidence before an infestation can build. Having this type of service can help people avoid costly remediation weeks or months down the line.

Bed bug detection dog

Stop Bedbugs at the doorUntil one experiences bed bugs, one seldom thinks twice about them. However, once you do, you never want to go through the experience again!

We help our clients save time, money and most importantly, the emotional nightmare that accompanies having bed bugs.

We offer educational training and materials for multi-unit property managers, maintenance, staff and tenants, hotel staff and businesses alike.

Many of our clients use our services for regular inspection purposes so that bed bugs can’t sneak in and cause a more significant $$$$ problem down the line.

For those who travel often, we have a program to make sure you don’t bring them into your home or business.

Don’t wait until “after” the fact, let us show you a proactive way to avoid having to deal with bed bugs!