1.  You have itchy bites on your body. Bites are typically found in a row or a  cluster around one area.

2.  Bed bug skin cast offs. Inspect your bed carefully with a magnifying glass.  Bed bugs can hide under the  box springs, along the piping of the mattress, in the joints of the bed frame.
Pick up your mattress off your frame or box spring. Cast skins look like fuzz  with legs.

3.  Blood stains or brown spots or speckles  in a cluster are also a good indication of bed bugs being in the  area.

4.  Set your alarm to 3 a.m. When your alarm goes off, turn on the light and  examine your bed for bed bugs. They will run rather fast for their size but they can easily be noticed against a white sheet. The same holds true with couches. If you lay still long enough for them to  come out and feed on you. You can catch them by applying a masking tape on their
body.  Put them in a plastic bag  and close it tight then again put the whole thing in a second plastic bag and  close it tight too. Your pest control company or your canine handler will be
able to confirm the identity.