I am bringing this up for 2 reasons.  We were tasked to do a K9 inspection of this person’s house who recently had attended a company’s marketing conference near Orlando, FL.  Reason being thay she came back from the trip and felt itchy.  She decided to call the resort to ask if there was a bed bug problem in the guestroom she stayed in.  It took 1 week for the resort to confirm a bed bug issue in that room.
The dogs did their sniffing job and sure enough alerted on the Master Bedroom’s bed.  Fortunately, the resort will pay out all expenses incurred by the guest, including treatment and K9 inspection.
Then, over the week-end, we had  a family get-together and the question arose by one of the members if she should be worried about bed bugs in New York City and what can she do to avoid bringing back some unwelcome visitors back.
I have brought up numerous times in previous posts what to do when you come back from a trip, so I am not going to bring it up here again. However there are things you can do to avoid ending up in a hotel that has no regards for bed bug issues.
Go on bedbugregistry.com and find out if anyone has complained about a bed bug problem recently. But more importantly, ask the desk if they have a bed bug program in place and what the program entails.  Does it include a routine K9 inspection as part of their bed bug prevention program.
In the year 2001, no hotel wanted to hear about a bed bug prevention program because to them it meant to admit that they had had a problem.
This is more than 10 years later, and the hotel industry is much more aware of the potential for bed bug infestations.  If a hotel refuses to talk or disclose their bed bug problem, walk away.  There are plenty of hotels that are pro-active and more than glad to convey to you their bed bug prevention and management programs.  And please don’t hesitate to recommend our K9 bed bug inspections.  Our dogs are fast, accurate and discreet.