Don’t Keep Bed Bugs a Secret!


Don’t keep bed bugs a secret and suffer in silence.


One of the most common mistakes people can make today is keeping bed bugs a secret.


Unlike normal household bugs, bed bugs need understanding.


The more you know about their nature, the better you can combat them.


Take some time and learn about the bug that is becoming a household word.


The Fallacies and Stresses of Bed Bugs


A quick Internet search can intensify overwhelmed thinking.


Only dirty people get bed bugs:


This can’t be further from the truth.


Bed bugs don’t care about the environment they live in as long as it can get a blood meal to survive.


Folks, anyone can get bed bugs.


They do not discriminate.


You can scrub head to toe yet they can find you.


Clean or dirty clothing, they are not picky who’s blood they drink.


If I clean everything, the bugs will go away:




First, bed bugs don’t hang out on surfaces like other bugs do.


You can scrub until the cows come home but never reach the hidden areas where bed bugs hide.


I found a bug, they must be everywhere:


One of the saddest things about bed bugs is that people think one or two bugs are an infestation.


This is not true.


You could have picked up a single bug from your recent outing and brought it back home.


I’ll never get rid of them unless I throw everything out:


Some people pitch all their furniture or have ceremonial fires in their yards.


This knee jerk reaction is needless and can cost you a pretty penny.


Most all items are treatable.


Do I have to tell my friends and family?


For some, finding bed bugs is like having an embarrassing communicable disease.


You become ashamed and embarrassed and conjure up excuses why you can’t visit others or have people over.




Bed bugs are all about timing.


The sooner you discover their presence, the easier you can get rid of them.


The stories you read about online are those who have had bed bugs for a long time.


Bed bugs take time to build into infestation levels.


The best time to assume or suspect bed bugs is if anyone gets bitten.


Especially during spring through fall.


This is when fleas and mosquitoes are rampant, and people assume their bites are from them.


Always take time to check for bed bugs whenever you get bitten.




Bed bugs don’t have to be a secret anymore.


You can turn them into a temporary set-back if you become proactive in your approach.


We are here to teach you what you need to know and if you can’t find them, our trained detection dog team can assist you.