Another great day!  A nice bed bug sniffing job in a residence this time in Winchester, MA.  Nice couple.  They had a lot of stuff everywhere, but it was organized such that me and my handler could easily navigate around and my handler could easily notice my alerts.  That is so important.  A lot of people don’t understand that my handler has to be able to maneuver me around things and all the way to the walls.  Around the beds and around the couches.  She basically leads me to where I am supposed to smell.  If she lets me loose, I’ll be going all over the place and in a chaotic searching way – because I’m a beagle and that’s what I do – and thus would most likely miss some spots.  Whereas my handler has a process whereby she leads me around the room from left to right and if I miss a spot, she brings me around to it, again from left to right.  This process tells me that this means work.  Also, she has to be able to notice my alerts as well.  If there is barely any room for me and her ans she constantly has to watch where she steps and doesn’t break anything, then she might miss my alert.  So, there you have it:  keep things tight and clean and I’ll be able to do a better job at sniffing out those disgusting little crittters.