Dr. Oz made a few mistakes in this video.  Can you tell what it is?
So here are the few mistakes I found in this video presentation:

  • Bed bugs don’t jump.  I think he tried to rectify his mistakes later by saying that if a person bumps into another, a bed bug may fall off from 1 person to the other and that is acceptable.  I have witnessed bed bugs just plainly falling down when disturbed.
  • Bed bugs don’t chew.  Because they don’t have any chewing mouthparts.  They pierce the skin and suck blood.
  • Bed bugs don’t like daylight.  They generally feed at night or the wee hours of the morning, then disappear and hide in dark places like the box spring, the mattress piping, the headboard, and any other crevices.  In high infestation, you might see bedbugs exposed in plain daylight, as they are out looking for food and/or start a new colony elsewhere near another human blood source.
  • Dini Miller is a renowned entomologist (studies insects) and not an epidemiologist.(determines what causes disease or injury)

Just a few mistakes,right?