The Ghost of Christmas Past is actually a story of three spirits that haunt Ebenezer Scrooge. They showed him scenes from his past that occurred around Christmas in order to get him to change his ways, which has absolutely nothing to do with bed bugs.

However, in a way it does. The learning curve with bed bugs is huge and many people “ignore” the possibilities and consequences and wind up having bed bugs. Something has to be said for learning to “change one’s ways” when it comes to bed bugs. Had they changed their ways – taken precautions – just maybe, they would not have to deal with them.

During one’s lifetime, we see history repeat itself two to three times, depending on how long we live. From economics and political infusion to fads in fashion or the latest eating styles; our lives see repeated scenarios and reflections that make us feel that familiarity of “been there, done that”.

Bed bugs have a past, a significant past, which affected many people for many generations worldwide. Documentation from years ago holds the same truths of battling bed bugs as today. Nothing has really changed just different people and years later.

Ghosts of the Bed

The English word “bug” (possibly derived from the ancient Welsh word “bwg”) meant a goblin or ghost. In 1603, Shakespeare used it: “With, ho! Such bugs and goblins in my life” (Hamlet, Act V, Scene 2)Therefore, here come the bugs right along with cha, cha, cha, changes for this era of life, as we know it. Are bed bugs going to change our lives, as we know it? – You bet ya!

It had me thinking about the shadowed history of bed bugs. Learning from this history shows us that we all now need to “change our ways”. Taking a careful look at the historical beginning of the bed bug, we can now acknowledge that bed bugs will undoubtedly become a way of living as it was for our ancestors. Did they ever really go away? Not really, they were just under-great control, temporally. Our sabbatical from bed bugs lasted approximately 40years.

When visiting with 97-year-old Madeline and asked her if she remembered anything about bed bugs when she was a child, she remarked “oh yes! They are not just a nursery rhyme, they were real”. She explained how common they were when she was young. During the winter months when it was cold outside, they battled them inside so that they could limit the times they received bites from them. When spring would arrive, each room was disassembled and taken outside for cleaning.

They used to tuck and tie bedding “tight” so that no part of it dropped on the floor to give the bed bug an opportunity to enter the bed. I believe that was where the expression “Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite” came from. Their daily conscience objective was, to not allow the bed bug to use them for a feast while they slept.

Up until now, people thought that those who travel only obtained bed bugs. Ha! Guess again. These little suckers are reproducing quickly, spreading rapidly and hitting the news like bullets out of a machine gun. They are not something you can ignore.

The reality is that bed bugs are here and they are here to stay for now. Get used to hearing about them, know about them and do all that you can to prevent and find them before an infestation can build.

What if – I got bed bugs during this holiday?

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Written By Denise Donovan, founder of