So, this Saturday we inspected not only a multi-condo units facility in Worcester in the morning, but we also inspected a residence in Boylston in the afternoon.
The owners had several cats and all of their paraphernalia all over each room.  I sent the owner the prep instruction sheet.  She called me back wondering if she really needed to pick up all of her cats’ sleeping baskets and what-not and whether she really needed to vacuum her house.
So I asked her if her house was clean i.e. no fur balls, little dust, no clutter etc. And, as usual, I get the “my house is very clean”.
What a relief to find this high-end residence, well-kempt and impeccably-clean.  Couldn’t ask for more.  And so did my reputable bed bug dogs.  Just a pleasure to sniff out every nook and cranny.  I had to stop them from keeping sniffing it all over again.  Thank you so much for making Nicki and Malamar’s job so easy.
Oh! And BTW, the double rainbow over our house (although hard to see) reminds me to tell you that me and my regal beagles will be going to a week-long advanced K9 training in Ocean City, Maryland.  Sharpening our skills!  Will keep you up-to-date with our progression. Stay tune!