We went to a job this morning, here in Worcester.  And 8-units apt. complex.  This was one of the better buildings we have been sniffing out, my friend Malamer and I.  It was a 3-story high building, so my handlers brought our crates in so we could rest in between floors.

My handlers were happy with our performance.  We were happy that they were happy.  We sniffed out some bed bugs.  First Malamar sniffed them out on the futon.  Then my handler took me too to sniff out the same unit, and sure enough I alerted at the foot of the futon near the same area.
They were soooo proud of us.  It is funny that they are so full of joy when we alert – people may think that they act weirdly, but the reason they are happy is that they are making us feel good about our achievement.  Also, that is how we get fed too.  First find the bugs, then we get fed.  And if we don’t find bugs on the job, then we do some training at home that night and will have another chance at finding viles of bed bugs that our handlers have hidden somewhere.

There is this lady in one of the units who was so nice.  She called my handler later on in the day and talked French with her.  My handler is from Luxembourg and she speaks French too.  This lady thanked her and us, me and Malamar, profusely.  That was such a nice gesture from her.
I whoof people (“love” in dog parlance).