Back to Lunenberg doing another bed bug inspection.  Met with the Pest Control Operator there.  It is his account.  First my friend Malamar sniffed out the bedroom.  Then I did.  We both did not find anything.
This room had been treated 4 times, the last treatment happened 5 months ago.  The PCO does not think that it is a residual bed bug problem, so he called our K9 bed bug detection services to ascertain his findings.  Indeed we have not sniffed-detect those nasty bugs.  He especially wanted us to sniff out the electronic compressor and all the electronic paraphernalia that came with this air-compressed mattress.
Weird mattress, I tell you.
It was fun going out for a ride yesterday, ’cause the weather was great!  We wanted to sniff the outdoors so badly so I instigated Malamar to start whining so my handler would feel guilty and stop and let us out.  It worked!  I waited and waited to do my business so I could take advantage of sniffing the outdoors.
Boy!  My handler is soooo impatient though;  she brought me back into my cage after 1/2 an hour of coaxing me.  She is soooooo impatient.  She keeps telling my other handler how she wants to come back in her next life as a beagle.  A beagle!
I don’t get it!  Do you?