Nicki and Malamar inspected a 3-decker here in Worcester this morning.  They both alerted frantically on this one side of a bed.  But that wasn’t it all.
They alerted just about in every bedroom of 2 of the floors of this decker.   As always we do a visual beforehand to familiarize ourselves with the surroundings and also to verify that it is safe for our dogs to inspect.
So, upon inspecting the basement apartment, it became very quickly apparent that the living quarters were infested with bed bugs.  Same for the 3rd floor apartment.  We then brought our beagles in to inspect the 2nd and 3rd floors and sure enough they alerted in both apartments.
We sympathized with the landlord because it has been such an ordeal for him in the past year to get the bugs exterminated.  And it is not evident that the problem will go away any time soon if ever.  You see, the cars should be checked too.  The kids that go to school with their schoolbags could potentially contaminate the school, so essentially the school should be inspected.  Not to mention the school buses.
So, where do you stop?