This week, we have been booked solid with jobs in Peabody, Newburyport, Rockport, Chestnut Hill and Needham.
We were on our way back home past the last Framingham exit on the Pike before 495 yesterday at 3:30 PM when we got a call from a luxury hotel in Boston, asking us to conduct an inspection of 15 floors “now”:  bedrooms, housekeepers’ carts, trash rooms and the loading dock that still was holding some of the linen carts a truck had recently delivered.  Unfortunately, the hotel got notice a bit late that some of the linen carts may be infested with bed bugs.  They had already distributed the linens to the housekeepers on several floors.  So we had to turn around and conducted the inspection until  late that evening.
Congrats go to our partners, Nicki and Malamar who were very good sports in conducting this search late that day after 2 jobs already performed since the early morning.  They did a fantastic job.  Best employees I ever had!