1. I promise to be always soooo excited to start working
  2. And I promise to mean it! AROOOOOO….
  3. I will avoid lingering on delicious smells – oh those lickedy-lick smells of Holiday turkey and ham and gravy
  4.  I promise to be more active – Oh! Don’t I love loooove sleeping
  5. I promise to lose some weight:  I think I will start with 1 less kibble a day, that should do it right?
  6. I promise not to look so cute when begging for food.  Don’t I look so cute?
  7. I promise not to mislead my teammate Malamar in the wrong sniffing direction, at least not as often as I used to. I have to admit, I chuckle when she falls for my shenanigans
  8.  I will try to focus on doing my business during my potty breaks rather then being obsessed with inhaling as many atoms and molecules of smells as possible
  9. And I’ll think about not being consumed with the desire to chase those annoying chipmunks
  10. I’ll try to work first before claiming more food.
  11. I’ll try to acknowledge my handler more often and not show that I have more important things to do
  12. I’ll try to remind myself that my handlers are humans and thus will pay a bit more attention to their un-reasonable requests, although I was bred to work without direction from humans!!!
  13. I will also try not to have that look that clearly states “You’ve got to be kidding, right!”