1.- I promise not look so cute when begging for food. Don’t I look so cute.

2.- I promise to be always sooooo excited to start working.

3- And I promise to mean it! AROOOOOOO…..

4- I will avoid lingering on delicious smells – oh those lickedy-lick smells of Holiday turkey and ham and gravy, hmm, hmmm, hmmmmm…

5-  I promise to be less lazy – I whoof you (“promise you” in canine lingo) – Oh! Don’t I looooove sleeping.

6- I promise to lose some weight:  I think I will start with 1 less kibble a day, that should do it, right?

7.- I promise not to mis-lead my co-mate, Malamar, in the wrong sniffing direction, at least not as often as I used to.  I have to admit, I chuckle when she falls for my shenanigans.

8.- I will try to focus on doing my business during my potty breaks rather than being obsessed with inhaling as many atoms and molecules of smells as possible.

9.- And I’ll think about not being consumed with the desire to chase those annoying chipmunks

10.- I’ll try to work first before trying to score more food.

11- I’ll try to remind myself that my handlers are humans and thus will pay a bit more attention to their un-reasonable needs, although I was bred to work without direction from humans!!!!

12-  I will also try not to have that look that clearly says
“you‘ ve got to be kidding, right!”