bed bug flyerSince bed bugs reemergence about fifteen years back, this mysterious bug has taken front and center in news, media and internet. You hear of hotels being sued, apartment buildings being taken over, homes, schools and businesses battling them including theaters, doctors’ offices and hospitals, libraries, buses, subways, trains, and airplanes; you name it, the bedbug has shown up everywhere.

It’s rare that any public place is safe from bedbugs and with their exponential growth impact it seems that whenever any bug is found or a rash is discovered it triggers a “oh no! I have bed bugs” reaction.

Bed bugs can and do create itchy rashes for some people, but the problem is that it may resemble an array of different problems. You can have an allergic reaction to foods, fabric or chemicals. So you must go through a process of elimination to make sure bed bugs is the problem.

So how do you know if it is a bedbug situation?

Sure you can go on the web and find pictures but unfortunately there are many sites that have pictures of bugs that also are NOT bed bugs. It can be very confusing for most because they resemble many types of insects. And with an estimated 30 million different living species of insects, as a non-professional you may have a hard time making the distinction.

The likelihood of just hearing about bed bugs and having a desire to do your own research is rare and most people wait until they should suspect or get them before learning anything about them.

You always have to find the bug in question because treatments differ:

  • You can capture a bug and take in into a qualified professional for identity. OR
  • You can call on a professional to come to your home or place of business to help you.

The Gypsy Moth and how it relates to a bedbug?

With the recent surge of Gypsy Moths in Massachusetts, we receive many calls from people breaking out with itchy rashes and thinking it is bed bugs when in essence they are reacting to the hairs on the larvae of these moths. Especially if one is  working in their garden this spring or doing some outdoor activity, as the Gypsy Moths hatch during April or May.

I would assume they got their name because of the way they travel. The young Gypsy Moth larvae has small “air pockets” in their hairs, which makes them buoyant, and are easily carried long distances through the air on windy days; a reason they are spreading so badly. The rash you get from these moths can be similar to rashes from bedbugs depending upon your immune system.

Peace of Mind

We’ve been providing Peace of Mind for many people throughout the years by doing regular inspections for bedbugs. Our canines are trained to pick up the scent of bedbugs (and no other bug) thus cutting out question to whether you have bed bugs or not.

Whether you are a frequent traveler, have kids in dorms, work in a vocation that is at high risk or just want Peace of Mind, we can accommodate you by doing regular inspections to make sure bedbugs are never a concern in your home or business.

So before you react by automatically thinking it’s bed bugs, give us a call (508-713-8267) and we can sweep your residence or business with our trained canines that detect ONLY the presence of live bed bugs.

Read over our 5 Top Reasons to Pre and Post Inspect for Bed bugs above, understand the who, what, where and when of bed bugs and reach out to us for any bedbug related information.

We are IBBRA trained and qualified professionals who work feverishly to obtain as much public awareness on bed bugs that we can. Don’t wait until you get bed bugs, understand your risks, signs of bed bugs and how to prevent bed bugs from becoming an “infestation”. We can teach you how to be proactive and give you plenty of prevention tips to help you avoid having bed bugs take over.

Reach out, we are always here to help with any questions you may have regarding bed bugs, treatments or inspections. or 508-713-8267.