Nicki, seen here waiting patiently for one of the units’ door to open so she could perform her bed bug inspection.
Out of 23 rooms and 5 common areas, we weren’t able to perform a conclusive and successful inspection of 2 of them. This is actually not bad at all.  The dining room had food all over the floor and of course this totally distracted the dog.
Also, in one of the units a bowl full of dog food was left on the floor near the kitchen.  The boxer had just been taken out of the room, so its scent was still lingering.  Nicki could not focus of course, so I had to call the PCO in to do a thorough visual inspection instead.  No evidence was found.
Our bed bug prep instructions recommend that pets be removed from an area at least 3 hours prior to the inspection.
This is so that the scent of pets gets a chance to “evaporate” and thus does not distract our bed bug beagle inspection.