On schedule to conduct our routine bed bug inspection with our dogs in this hotel in Worcester.

The dogs love this environment because they are familiar with it now that we’ve been doing routine inspections at this site for about a year now.

Nicki has a tendency to skip with her hind legs when she is happy.  It is funny to watch!  We then know that this is bound to be a good inspection.

She sniffed those rooms so well that you could hear her sniffing noises.  It really makes me wonder if she might inhale a bed bug if she comes across one with such powerful and close sniffing.

That reminds me that actually many people have asked me what she does when she finds them and if she eats them.  I think it’s funny that people think that dogs would eat bed bugs.  On the other hand, they will go and snap at a bee or fly if one buzzes by.  But in this case, it is the noise that drive them crazy.