So getting back to my previous post where the 1st floor tenants are moving out as to escape a bed bug infestation potentially spreading from the 2nd and 3rd floor apartments.  I was asked to also inspect a Portable Moving Container otherwise known as POD.  These PODs are meant to make your move more convenient by bringing your moving container to your door for easy access.

I think this is a great idea, as you are not pressed for time to prepare and move your belongings as a moving company would require.

However the very thing that bugged me (No pun intended) is that these tenants shared their POD with one of the tenant of the other floors that had a serious bedbug infestation.

Our dogs were not asked to sniff out these other units but regardless of that, would you take the risk to “share” in the cost of a POD with this tenant in the interest of saving monies?

Common Sense, where are you???  Moving out to escape a bed bug infestation, yet share a POD with a tenant from a recent bedbug infestation.

Do you agree?