I am receiving more and more calls from people who want to make sure that the pesticide or heat treatment against bed bugs did indeed eliminate them.  Here come Nicki and Malamar to the rescue, providing peace of mind to these people.  I feel for these people because once you have dealt with a bed bug infestation, it is difficult to feel confident that they are indeed gone.  I have been a victim myself and know the psychological ordeal.
Our dogs are great at providing peace of mind to people who are still in doubt.  No matter how much I am trying to tell these people that most likely there is no longer a problem, they just want the dogs to sniff and tell them.
July has been very busy so far and we have even been asked to do an inspection of the 4th.  I guess, bed bugs don’t care about the 4th of July as a holiday.
Hope you had a bed bug free 4th of July!